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How do I share material?

To add something to the archive you first need to register for an account. You can then add material to the collection using the simple form on the 'Share your material' page. Select what type of material you want to share, and fill in the form with a title (used to refer to the contribution), a description (brifly saying what you are sharing, providing any relevant information about it), and adding any licence conditions that apply to the reuse of the material. If you do not add any licence restrictions, you will retain copyright and share your contribution under the CC BY-NC-SA licence (see 'Permitted use' for details).

What material can I share? 

Anyone who has stories or material relating to Oxford during the First World War are welcome to share this through the collection. This may be photographs, diaries, letters, objects or stories and recollections passed on by someone who lived during the time, or knew someone who did. You may only share material which you own or which you have premission to share. Material in copyright can only be shared by the person or institution holding the rights.

More inforamation about linceses on the Permitted Use page

What happens to the material I share?

The project team will monitor the contributions and add them to the public archive. The project team will not be able to verify the content of the public contributions or add further details but the material will be published as submitted. Material in the public archive will be visible to anyone through the collection website. Use of the material outside the collection website is regulated through the licence conditions (see the 'Permitted use' page).